We offer indi­vidual solu­tions for your dream pro­ject. A highly quali­fied and moti­vated team takes care of your indi­vidual needs, and is on hand both in Austria and else­where.

Planning – Turnkey delivery (or only deli­very) – In-house manu­factur­ing of special parts - Instal­lation – Con­trol techno­logies - Commis­sioning - After-sales service. Every­thing from one source!



Areas of application: New develop­ments, energy-efficient solu­tions, refur­bish­ments, optimi­zations, reno­vations, perfor­mance increases, process-oriented improve­ments, improve­ments of well-being indoors, amended legal general require­ments, invest­ments related to grants, etc.

Cine­mas, banks, thea­ters, sport centers, hotels, indoor swim­ming pools, well­ness areas, physio­therapy centers, medical practices, hospi­tals, nursing homes, clean rooms, food indus­try, schools, resi­dent­ial premi­ses, depart­ment stores, shop­ping cent­ers, office space, metal­work­ing indus­try, labo­ra­tor­ies, work­shops, meat pro­cess­ing indus­try, ware­houses, bake­ries, con­fec­tiona­ries, kitc­hens, res­tau­rants, wine taverns, discos, gyms, petrol sta­tion shops, tun­nel ven­tila­tion, fast food res­tau­rants, sales rooms, truck work­shops, hair­dres­sers, paint shop, plastics pro­cess­ing industry, metal pro­cess­ing in­dus­try, che­mi­cal in­dus­try, ice pro­duc­tion in­dus­try, clo­thing/fashion/shoe trade, car­pen­try shops, smoke ex­trac­tors, under­ground gara­ges, rail­ways sta­tions, cate­ring ind­ustry, swit­ching sta­tions, trans­formers, remo­te con­trol units, glass in­dus­try, pa­per in­dus­try, foun­dries, IT and ser­ver rooms, prin­ting shops, cul­tural cen­ters, event halls, amuse­ment centers, special so­lu­tions, etc.


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