1990: Foundation of the company Freundlinger Lüftungs- und Klimatechnik as a sole proprietorship by Christian Freundlinger in a basement in Thalheim bei Wels.
1991: Relocation from Thalheim bei Wels to rented premises of the company Bogner Edelstahl, Linzerstrasse 260, Wels. At this time, the company had five employees.
1994: Foundation of the Ing. Freundlinger GmbH from the sole proprietorship, with Christian Freundlinger as the 100% shareholder and director.
1996: Relocation to the newly built company building with a spacious planning office, administration office, meeting rooms, workshop and storage areas in the Lerschstraße 9a, Wels. At this point in time, the company already had 19 employees.
2003: With its now 22 employees, the company generated a total output of 30 million Shillings = 2.2 million Euro. Already in 2002, customers were able to secure themselves an advantage through their investment in a Freundlinger ventilation system. This was ensured through the company’s secured workforce, as well as its core strengths and customer focus. Due to customer requests for improved air-conditioning, Mr. Freundlinger, together with two other partners, founded the company Klimazone GmbH. This company is a wholesaler and retailer on the Austrian market for ventilation systems of all kinds. In addition, the long-founded profit center “Klima” was incorporated into the Klimazone GmbH.
2003: Restructuring of the Ing. Freundlinger GmbH into the operatively active Freundlinger Luft und Klima GmbH, with the shareholders Christian Freundlinger and Martin Hüttenmeyer, and the Freundlinger Besitz GmbH. At the same time, Mr. Hüttenmeyer was granted full power of attorney.
2008: Through the creation of the Ventilation and Air Conditioning Department within the company, the installation of all air-conditioning systems was now carried out by the company's own qualified personnel.
2009: Research and development became an integral part of the company strategy. In the scope of the Upper Austrian Energy Technology Program, Freundlinger was the first ventilation company to receive support for the development of a highly-efficient and compact ventilation system.
2010: The company celebrated its 20-year anniversary. Continuity, reliability, innovation and foresight characterize the entire team.
2014: The company Freundlinger Luft und Klima GmbH is a successful Austrian company with both national and international market presence. Meanwhile, in addition the company’s main focus country Austria, ventilation systems have also been installed in the following countries: Germany, UK, Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovenia, Croatia and Switzerland. Its list of customers now has more than 1000 entries and the company covers a wide range of the market - All the way from gastronomy to warehouse stores, from office buildings to industrial complexes, and from commercial stores to private housing.

A 5-man team is on hand for our customers in the after-sales area, as well as for any questions relating to the control equipment. This team is equipped with state-of-the-art technology, and all members of staff are highly-trained.

The air-conditioning installation team of certified employees operates across Austria with both small and large air-conditioning systems. All of our employees are skilled, well-trained and certified in accordance with the new refrigerant regulations.

The main focus of the system design clearly lies in energy efficiency, intrinsic value of the investment, ease of operation, and optimal operating and maintenance costs (life-cycle costs) in order to create significant benefits for the customer on their investment in a ventilation and air-conditioning system from Freundlinger.

Other activities of Christian Freundlinger:

  • Since 2010, he has been an active member of the Upper Austrian Chamber of Commerce in the regional guild for sanitary, heating and ventilation technology.
  • Since 2002 he has been a member of the Wels Strom GmbH supervisory board. He has been nominated as the chairman of the supervisory board ( since 12 December 2011 and represents owner interests of the Elektrizitätswerke Wels AG ( as well as the Energie AG (