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Our service doesn’t just end with the commis­sioning of a venti­lation or air-condi­tion­ing sys­tem. Each cus­tomer has the pos­sibility of conclu­ding an after-sales service agree­ment with us, or of making use of our custo­mer service line.

Our custo­mers profit from our quick ac­cess­ibility. 90 % of the entire Austrian state terr­itory is access­ible from Wels within 2.5 hours. This cent­ral loca­tion within Austria resu­lts in standard­ized pri­cing for trave­lling times.

Our customers have the choice between…

Our service and instrumentation technicians work using the latest equipment, such as sound pres­sure level measuring devices, air-condi­tion­ing and air speed measuring devices, as well as those measuring devices that form part of an electrician’s standard equipment and those required for the visualization of remote moni­toring or thermographic measurements.

Our qualified staff for air-condi­tion­ing sys­tems are certified in accordance with the new legal speci­fica­tions of the EN13313. We would like to point out the obligatory, regular main­tenance and inspec­tion of an air-condi­tion­ing system in accor­dance with EN 13313 for you as the operator or user or owner of this(these) air-condi­tion­ing sys­tem(s). Addi­tional infor­mation can be found in the Download-Area.

  • Maintenance agreement with regular service intervals and a customized service portfolio or individual maintenance services.
  • There is also the possibility of making use of 24-hour on-call services against additional costs.
Regular maintenance of your ventilation and/or air-conditioning system ensures operational reliability, a long life-cycle, reduced operating costs and high satisfaction with your investment.
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